Why Is This Interesting?

Stephanie Balzer


Stephanie Balzer (SB) is a writer, coach, and founder of Mission. In 2014, she attended a conference for researchers and data analysts in higher education at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Since then, she has written several articles on a variety of topics, including organizing, art in Vegas, lip gloss, and game creation. Most recently, Stephanie wrote the Why is Sedona Interesting? edition. Stephanie continues to share her insights and expertise through her writing and coaching work.
  1. The Art in Vegas Edition (2023-02-14)
  2. The Lip Gloss Edition (2023-03-01)
  3. The Game Creator Edition (2023-03-09)
  4. The Organizing Edition (2023-04-05)
  5. Why is Sedona Interesting? (2023-05-05)
  6. The McLuhan Edition (2023-05-24)