Why Is This Interesting?

Michael Grant


Michael Grant (MG) is a creative director at Avocados and Coconuts in San Francisco. He is currently working on a book set in New Mexico, which involves extensive research on adovada sopaipillas and points of fringe UFOlogical interest. In addition to his work as a creative director, Michael is a talented writer and has previously written about the Tanforan Shell Station and Poptimism. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to share his spicy music takes, which are exclusively his and do not necessarily represent the tastes of others. You might also be surprised to know that Michael was a Warriors fan before it was cool. Oh, and when he's out and about, he drives a used blue Honda Odyssey.
  1. The Poptimism Edition (2021-10-14)
  2. The Tanforan Shell Edition (2022-07-19)
  3. The Music Memoryhole Edition (2023-01-20)