Why Is This Interesting?

Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman


SB and AZ are the co-founders of The Slowdown, a media company that focuses on creating content at the intersection of culture, design, and technology. Bailey, a prolific editor and journalist, has served as the editor-in-chief of Surface and Hemispheres magazines, while Zuckerman is a highly accomplished photographer and creative director who has worked with numerous prominent brands and individuals. Together, they bring a unique mix of skills to their collaborations, combining Bailey's editorial expertise with Zuckerman's visual storytelling abilities. With The Slowdown, they are dedicated to producing thoughtful, meaningful content that engages and inspires their audiences. As pioneers in the world of media, SB and AZ continue to push boundaries and find new ways to approach storytelling in the digital age.
  1. The Monday Media Diet with Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman (2021-11-22)