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Ryan McManus


Ryan McManus (RMM) is a Design Strategy Director at D-Ford, Ford’s Human-Centered Design group, working on the future of mobility. He is an exceptional presenter, and a longstanding friend of WITI. Ryan has previously written about the end of spare parts, the simple elegance of SecuriCode, and how to start your own town. He also worked as a product designer at Ford and has played a design role in the recent electric Ford launch. Ryan, who owns zero bucket hats, sold his lightly used 2019 Ford Fiesta ST to a person a few towns over. He drives a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser and currently lives in Massachusetts.
  1. The Auto Enthusiast Edition (2021-03-09)
  2. The Securicode Edition (2021-06-02)
  3. Automotive Prototype Camouflage Edition (2021-08-05)
  4. The End of Spare Parts Edition (2021-12-10)
  5. The Lunch Notes Edition (2022-06-08)
  6. The Dazzle Camo Edition (2022-06-15)
  7. The Parosmia Edition (2023-01-19)
  8. The Mystic Cobra Edition (2023-02-15)
  9. The Aero Wheel Edition (2023-03-16)