Why Is This Interesting?

Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati


Jeralyn Gerba (JG) and Pavia Rosati (PR) are the co-founders of the travel website Fathom. They met in the early days of their careers in NYC and have been friends ever since. JG and PR have a wealth of media experience, having worked at publications such as Travel + Leisure, Budget Travel, and DailyCandy. They launched Fathom in 2011, with the goal of creating a website that would inspire and guide travelers through their journeys. Fathom has since become a go-to source for travel advice and inspiration, and JG and PR have been recognized for their contributions to the industry with numerous awards. Today, JG and PR continue to lead Fathom as it grows and expands its reach around the world.
  1. The Monday Media Diet With Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati (2021-10-11)