Why Is This Interesting?

Jason Boog


Jason Boog (JB) is a journalist and author known for his works on literature and publishing. He is currently leading editorial at Fable, a social reading platform for book clubs. Additionally, he is the West Coast correspondent for Publishers Weekly. Prior to his current roles, he served as the publishing editor at Mediabistro. Boog is the author of the acclaimed book, The Deep End: The Literary Scene in the Great Depression and Today. He has also contributed to several editions of WITI, including The New Masses Edition, The Roblox Edition, and The Shaggy Dog Edition. Boog's vast experience and insights into the world of literature and publishing make him a leading figure in the industry.
  1. Why is this interesting? - The New Masses Edition (2020-09-18)
  2. Why Is This Interesting? - The Roblox Edition (2020-10-29)
  3. The GPT-3 Edition (2021-06-15)
  4. The Shaggy Dog Edition (2021-09-16)
  5. Google Colab Edition (2022-12-07)