Why Is This Interesting?

Dr. Sunita Puri


Dr. Sunita Puri (SP) is a renowned physician and author, who currently serves as the Medical Director of the Palliative Medicine Service at Keck Hospital and Norris Cancer Center of the University of Southern California. With a focus on palliative care, she specializes in helping patients and families navigate serious illness with dignity and compassion. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Puri is also a respected authority on medical ethics and serves as Chair of the Ethics Committee at Keck Hospital. Dr. Puri is the author of That Good Night: Life and Medicine in the Eleventh Hour, a powerful and critically acclaimed memoir that explores her personal and professional journey in the field of palliative medicine. Her book challenges readers to reexamine their own understanding of what it means to live and die well in the face of serious illness.
  1. Why is this interesting? - The Monday Media Diet with Dr. Sunita Puri (2020-11-16)