Why Is This Interesting?

Dan Frommer


Dan Frommer (DF) is a prominent journalist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of The New Consumer, a business newsletter that provides insightful analysis of the latest trends and technologies in the consumer economy. In addition to this, he also runs Points Party, a newsletter that offers tips and strategies for maximizing travel rewards and credit card points. Dan's expertise in the tech and business fields has been honed through years of experience covering the industry for various media outlets such as Recode, Quartz, Business Insider, and many others. He has also authored a book titled "Disrupting the Screen" which examines the digital media landscape and how it is transforming entertainment. Beyond his professional achievements, Dan is known for his passion for exploring new cities and discovering great restaurants. He has shared his experiences and insights with his many followers on social media, often providing valuable recommendations for travelers and foodies alike. Dan Frommer remains an influential figure in the world of tech and journalism and continues to be a trusted source for insights into the rapidly-evolving consumer economy.
  1. Why is this interesting? - The Online Grocery Edition (2020-03-24)